Privacy policy


When you send a message via a webform on the website your email address and transmission data are recorded by the mail server and retained for 10 days so that if required we can check its delivery status.

Information you submit to us, except for that intended for publication on our listing pages by email, advertising request webform or telephone is for our internal purposes and/or to communicate with you.

If we are making arrangements with a third party on your behalf, we will only pass them information necessary to carry out those arrangements.

In normal circumstances we never pass any personally identifiable details, such as your name, address, email address and telephone number(s) to any other third party without your permission. Exceptions to this include:

Information you send to advertisers on the website

Information you send to an advertiser on the website using a contact form or booking form a is sent only to the advertiser. Information sent via the Contact an advertiser is temporarily stored in a database until you reply to the activation email sent to you, which forwards the email to the advertiser before deleting it from the database.

Advertising requests

If you submit a request to advertise on, details entered in the "Listing details" section of the webform (except for an "Email for webform") will, subject to acceptance, be published in our listings.

The contact name you provide will not be published unless also included in the "Listing details" section, in which case we will contact you to verify that this is your intention.

Your contact email address will not be published on the website.

Cancelling advertisements

Verified owners or agents of a business advertised may remove an advertisement from the website by sending an email requesting cancellation to .

Website statistics

Statistics are gathered by the server which include your IP address and details of the times that pages are visited. This information does not personally identify you.


A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing. may, if required, set a session cookie which is used to enable webform processing to take place. This cookie is deleted when you close you browser. uses Google Analytics to record and analyse clicks on links which sets cookies.

Social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn that have links to them on may set cookies that track your online activity on some pages on