For less than €0.30 a day you could have a banner displayed on a puerto-de webpage! For only €100* per year you can have banner linking to your website. If you pay via PayPal your link can be live within 24 hours.

Just fill in your details and click next to check your details and then send it. We'll get back to you with payment details as soon as we can.

A banner is a standard 468 x 60 pixel graphic - the same size as the one at the top of this page. If you have one already we can use that, if not we'll design one for you. Send the form to request your banner on a page.

  Request for a banner on the smarten_yourself_up page  
(to request a banner on a different page, go to that page and click on the banner request link)

Prices for banners

Head of a listings or photo album page: €10 per month or €100 per year.
Foot of a listings or photo album page: €8 per month or €80 per year.
Minimum period: 6 months.
Design and produce a simple static banner: €40 (free with a 1 year sponsorship).
Prices for animated banners on application.
Currently there are no banners at the head of's home page. Sponsors of banners on listings pages will also have their banner displayed at random at the foot of the home page.

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